Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ for Service Providers

  • How do I join WeeWorks?

    Click on ‘Register as Service Provider’ button on the top, provide some basic information and get approval for your service provider account. Our support team approves your profile within 48hrs and you are good to go!

  • How does it work?

    We work on a commission basis where you are required to sign up to use our website services. You can add your profile, find local jobs, chat with prospective customers, place bids and get approval. You can begin on a job with a payment of £5 of the total fees charged for a job.

  • Who can join?

    Individuals with professional skills, limited companies and sole traders

  • How does commission works?

    We change £5 of the booking fee from the customer that is used to maintain our systems, mobile apps and provide customer support. Rest of the job amount can be discussed directly between our service providers and customers.

  • What if I am not available to bid for the job?

    WeeWorks is completely flexible and allows you to take the job based on your availability.

  • How do I contact customer?

    Inbuilt messaging functionality on WeeWorks website and mobile app allows you to chat with customer directly

  • Is there any fee to join WeeWorks?

    We have different plans available whereas our Silver Plan is free that allows you to register under 5 services.

  • How do I get paid for the job?

    Similar to your usual jobs, you can decide payment terms directly with the customers.

  • What information will be visible to customer from my profile?

    You as a Service Provider will have a one page website available on WeeWorks platform allowing customers to see but not limited to look at your services, past work pictures, reviews, area you offer your services, profile is verified or not and ratings.

  • What documents do I need to provide?

    As part of our ID checks we might ask you for a valid photo id and copy of your insurance documents. These documents can directly can be uploaded on your dashboard. Once verified, your customer can be made assured that these checks have been performed. At no circumstances we will be sharing these documents with any of the customers or third parties.

  • Do I need to provide any references?

    References are always good. As part of our 48hrs checks before making Service Provider profile live we do run few checks and your references may help us to confirm your skills and existence. Once registered please email us your references to

  • Do you have a mobile app I can use while I am on the go?

    Our customizable mobile app allows you to browse jobs, place bids and receive approvals on-the-go anytime, anywhere.

  • Which cities do you cover?

    Currently we are in operation in London and Aberdeen with plans to expand across UK

  • How is WeeWorks different from other similar websites?

    - Free membership under SILVER plan

    - Competitive membership plans

    - End of buying lead concept

    - No need to pay to bid for jobs

    - No fee to contact customers directly

    - Weeworks Partner iOS & Android app available

    - Get notified instantly on your mobile of job posted in your area

    - Commission chargeable only after job confirmation

    - Easy customizable profile with one page website

    - Set your own working radius

  • Do I need to purchase lead?

    No, WeeWorks is based on commission model and you do not need to purchase a lead to speak to a customer